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Recipes and tips for the Hurom Life

Green juices are true talismans of health.

A tasty and healthy way to consume more raw fruit and vegetables.

Drinking green juices on an empty stomach helps to have energy due to the contribution of micronutrients in its first instance.


1 lime

1 kiwi

2 cucumbers

1/2 leaves of parsley

1 bunch of green grapes.

Go for a green juice on an empty stomach, your body and mind will thank you.

#fitnessespaña #blender #yogaespaña #vegetarian #organic vegetables #green juices #cocinaterapeutica

Did you know that drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices promotes hair growth?

Vegetables like beets, carrots, spinach and onions are the best options that not only revitalize hair but also promote hair growth, while cauliflower and bell peppers are known to prevent hair loss simply Extract the juice of your favorite vegetables and consume it twice a day.

Try this juice for a couple of weeks, to revitalize and shine your hair and prepare your skin for an even and radiant tan:

1 beet

50 g spinach

Manzana 1

1 lemon

#juice #freshfruits #fitnessspain #apple #blenders

Mother's Day, Special Offers, for extraordinary Mothers, the best gift.
Hurom always thinks that mothers have that secret charm of taking care of ourselves from our well-being, having a good diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the basis of our health, that's why Hurom for Mother's Day gives you a book of "The recipes of Hurom" and a thermos for your juices.
#mother's day #saluteebenessere #yogaespaña #fitnessespaña #blender

Cold-pressed juice is considered a new cosmetic. Hurom is the first juice extractor that automatically cuts and extracts juice from fruits and vegetables, cold and slow. #healthywellness #fitnessespaña #fitnessespañol #nutricional #nutritistas #cosmeticnatural #cosmeticnaturals ...

Breakfast is undoubtedly the best time to consume your fresh fruit juice, for two reasons:

• In the morning you leave the night fasting and your blood sugar level is low, so it is the right time to receive fruit sugars.

• It is precisely the nutrients in the fruit that provide the body with the immediate energy that accompanies us throughout the morning, so that we are light, but satisfied until lunchtime.

One of my favorite morning juices is also a VIT C booster, which is a beauty treatment for my skin:

G strawberries 125

2 yellow bell peppers

1 lemon

1 green apple

some mint leaves

#Healthy nutrition
#Health & Wellness
#natural health

-Starting in the morning, in our day to day adding juices to our diet is the best way, this is now the advice of many experts in the world of well-being!

-Since it is the best way to add nutrients and antioxidants to our diet, why not try drinking vegetable juices every day instead of coffee, tea or just milk?

I assure you that in a few weeks you will see unexpected results, on your skin and on your body!

Starting today, I recommend that you use your favorite fruit and vegetables: for example, this morning I used cauliflower, orange, apple and ginger!

#jugodetox #detox #healthylife #healthywellness #yogaespaña #greenjuices

Good morning and good start to the week! Spring is in the air, we will see how to better face this step between seasons, we must take advantage of the "colors" that nature offers us with the fruits and vegetables of this time, because as we always say, the colors of fruits and vegetables represent the power of its main benefits. Let's think about how important Vit C is, in this period it fights fatigue, gives us energy, increases immune defenses and, finally, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin. In this way we can prepare ourselves better than any cream we have for the summer sun! Follow the posts of the week, we will reveal a recipe for juice with Vit C, prepared with your Hurom juice extractor!#zumodetox #zumoverde #zumodepiña #zumosdetox #yogaespaña #yogaespañol #fitnessespaña ...

"Spring cleaning"!
Spring has finally arrived and as always, in this period, our body regenerates, follows the cycle of nature to detoxify itself and change its "skin".


How can we help you regenerate more effectively? Our daily juices come to our aid once again to detoxify us from the damage created by:

• Pollution

• Junk food

• Stress

• Insufficient physical exercise

• Sedentary work


Don't miss the next POST of the week, where we will see at least two Super Detox recipes to make our beauty and energy flourish!

#jugodetox #jugosverdes #prebiotic food #fitnessespaña #yogaespaña #saluteebenessere #cocinasaludable #cocinaterapeutica


Good morning to all!

Today we continue our discovery of the nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables that are friends of our beauty.

Did you know that zinc taken in juices is the best solution to combat acne on the skin? 

Zinc controls oil production in the skin and regulates some of the hormones that create acne.

Where do we find it?

Spinach, celery, grapes and garlic.

If you want to get rid of those pesky pimples, try using this recipe for a whole month and let us know what results you'll get.....

 1 large green apple or 2 small apples

2 celery

50 g spinach

1/2 lemon 

#cooking #organic vegetables #yogaespaña #vidasana #vidafitness

Good Morning!

Spring is finally upon us and our skin needs to glow every moment.

But what should we take to increase the beauty of our skin, hair and nails?

During the week we will look at the most important nutrients for a glowing complexion, beautiful hair and strong healthy nails and how to use them in juice extracts with Hurom!

I begin to tell you that if ......

Are you passionate about the sun and tan? Selenium could help you reduce the chance of sunburn, prevent wrinkles from dehydration, and stimulate collagen production!

You can add CELERY to your juice extracts, which is very tasty!

So don't miss the next Post with a recipe for your Beauty
#healthydiet #yogaespaña #healthynutrition #vegetablejuices #jugoverde #juicesqueezer #orangesqueezer #fitnessespaña #slowjuicer #slowjuice


Good Morning!

We have already mentioned how important it is to take enzymes for our health and beauty, right?

 But what is the best way to take them?

In this case, Hurom makes the difference: with its juices, we can take them intact, because the extraction of fruit and vegetable juice is done slowly and without overheating, so the enzymes remain "ALIVE" and unaltered.

Every time we drink a juice made with Hurom, we give our body a boost of vitality and energy that we can only obtain in this way!

With this recipe you will feel energized and full of vitality from the morning:

1 beet

1 pink grapefruit

½ lemon

1 small piece of ginger
#naturaljuices #healthycooking
#fruits #orange squeeze
#juice extractor
#fitnessespaña #yogaespaña #microbiota #saludywellness


Today we say "Good morning" with the recipe that I promised you, we start the day with an authentic beauty treatment for your skin!

Recipe ingredients;

• 1 apple

• 3 carrots

• ½ potato

• 1 small piece of ginger

• ½ lemon

You will see that your skin changes in just 2 weeks! Tell us your experiences
#Healthy recipe
#easyrecipes #healthydiet #healthyfood #organicespaña #fitnessfood
#fruits and vegetables
#natural juices
#slowjuicer #liquadora


Good Morning!

You know that we like to talk about health, but also about beauty...

Do you know that many Skin-Influencers and beauty specialists explain that “Enzymes are capable of removing dead cells from our skin and promoting the formation of young cells? This translates into smoother, softer, blemish-free skin.”

In fact, most of the enzymes used in skin care products come from fruits and vegetables, such as PAPAYA and PINEAPPLE.

So imagine what it means for our skin to drink fresh juices with Hurom.

I'll tell you quickly: the best beauty treatment we can dedicate to our skin, you have to see it to believe, it's fantastic!

In the next few days we will talk more about these magical enzymes and I will give you some recipes to start your rejuvenating treatment for the change of seasons!
#natural juices #natural juices #fitnessespaña #natural juices #healthycooking #healthywellness #huromespaña

RED JUICE: We put wings on our hearts and lungs!

We talk about red beetroot and learn how to use it raw, in juices, in particular, to turn it into a real well-being "treatment" thanks to ANTHOCIANS: PURPLE pigments, belonging to the flavonoid family, with strong antioxidant properties. capable of providing benefits to the circulation and carrying oxygen to the heart and tissues.

So let's see the recipe that can not be missing in your daily health and beauty routine, very useful even if you are not a professional athlete:


1 medium beet

150 g of blueberries

1 cucumber

1 green apple

½ lemon

We look forward to your feedback!

#bienstarysalud #juice extractor #natural juices #huromespaña #blueberries #natural medicine #juice squeezer #fitnessespaña #vegetable juices #yogaespaña #organic vegetables #vegetarian #food #healthyfood #nutrition #healthynutrition #nutrients #balancednutrients


The so-called phytoestrogens, beauty hormones, are found in numerous foods, but today I want to talk to you about two dyes that, in food, represent a valid help to support the production of these important beauty allies:

ORANGE: Vitamin C and beta-carotene may be helpful in improving estrogen levels.

GREEN: Green vegetables are not only a source of natural phytoestrogens, they also balance hormonal function and also help delay aging.

Have fun creating different combinations for your daily beauty juice, in the meantime I'll reveal mine!


1 head of broccoli

1 large apple

2/3 leaves of romaine lettuce

½ lemon

More COLOR in your diet makes you happier and more beautiful!

#healthyfood #complementaryfood #consciousfood #yogaespaña #jugoverde #jugodetox #slowjuice ##huromespaña #fitnessespaña #food #fruits

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